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8 Tips for Renting the Right Apartment

So, you’re looking for an apartment. Maybe its. Y youraelf or with a roommate or to live with a signifigant other. to rent or share with a roommate. Whether you’re a first-timer or an experienced apartment-hunter, it’s worth taking the time to decide what’s most important to you in where you live and to plan your search strategy accordingly. With that in mind, here are eight tips to consider: Make a list of your top housing priorities. Do you need extra parking spaces? A place that welcomes […]

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Prioritizing the Family Budget

Often times, the family budget is a source of conflict. Most of the time, the major earner makes the final financial decision, which isn’t always a welcome deal for the rest. Since money is such an intrinsic part of family life, families need to achieve accord in this aspect. There is a four-step cycle in budgeting the family money to maintain peace and harmony. Set your priorities. Priorities are different from goals. They are aspects in your family’s life that you, as a family, want to set […]

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